Take Your Photography Skills To The Next Level

Jessy's goal is to provide the knowledge required to consistently and confidently capture stunning images that take your photography to new heights.

No matter your level of expertise, you will learn easy to apply techniques, from lighting to retouching, to transform your portfolio and expand your creative approach.


Jessy J first set the world on fire with charcoal and a lens. As the daughter of two artists, creating portraits with dad’s camera or mom’s sketchpad was a natural hobby. Playing with vivid colors and shading kindled a love for savoring her favorite moments.

A little later, modeling in ad campaigns and editorials reignited her interest in photography. This art-savvy woman parlayed her modeling gigs into learning experiences, picking up techniques from a medley of photographers and creative directors. It didn’t take long for her to flip the lens and start to capture the world through her fresh perspective [i.e. the genesis of Jessy J. Photo].

Shooting with considerable panache and imagination, each image Jessy captures tells a bold and captivating story. Through lighting, composition, and color, she provides a customized experience for each client to bring their brand vision to life. Concurrently working in Dallas and Los Angeles, her visual artistry focuses on beauty, cosmetics, hair, skin, editorial, and fashion photography spanning from editorial magazines to commercial campaigns.

Some of her clients Include: Morphe Cosmetics, Pretty Little Thing, Jeffree Star Cosmetics, Good American, Jaclyn Cosmetics, E.L.F. Cosmetics, Boohoo, and ColourPop Cosmetics.

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Jessy is a great photographer, full of knowledge, and an effortless teacher. I’ve had the honor to work along side of her and assist her in the field. When Jessy speaks you better listen and grab your notepad because the gems that she drops are endless. So whether you’re an beginner or an expert, Jessy has knowledge for all!

Rico - Optical Waves
Miami, FL

Jessy is the epitome of a professional. From project conception, production and post production Jessy is a mastermind. We’ve worked on countless projects together across North America and her teachings have made me over $50k in my own bookings. You will truly learn what it takes to be a pro with Jessy J Photo!

Taylor - TaylorMade Creative
Dallas, TX

Every moment is an opportunity to learn! Jessy is patient and quickly helps come up with solutions to certain techniques you are trying to master. She is intuitive to her craft and has taught me how to adapt to different models, locations, and lighting. If you want to produce the best photos and learn how to master your craft, I highly recommend mentoring with someone who is passionate and skillful in this field!

Los Angeles, CA

What an honor to assist; the remarkable Ms.Jessy J. To witness the building blocks of creating a successful, respectful, artistic space for photography with the most professional, innovative, captivating photographers I have met. I am so thankful for Jessy J. for inspiring me to pursue my photo/film journey and giving me an amazing opportunity to learn.

Los Angeles, CA

Jessy is an amazing photographer! I’ve been following her for years and even had the opportunity to work with her numerous times. She is constantly dropping knowledge and willing to help a fellow photographer up their skills. I learned so much so much from her and changed how I approach photography now. This is a great opportunity to learn from the best and I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to take their photography to the next level.

David Coy
Los Angeles, CA