Jessy J Photo Beauty Photography Workshops

This intensive hands-on workshop will allow you to walk away with the skills to confidently and consistently create captivating beauty portrait or fashion images that will get you noticed and booked! Anyone with a passion for beauty, portrait and fashion photography that wants to learn and grow can benefit. You will have the opportunity to learn in an intimate and interactive classroom setting.

2 Days | 16 Hours | 20 Students

What You’ll Learn from this Workshop

In this workshop, you’ll receive a host of education including:

  • Beauty Photography Overview
  • Education on Jessy’s Equipment
  • How to Build and Present a Portfolio
  • Shooting and Lighting Techniques
  • Pre-Production Steps
  • Directing/Posing for Models
  • Post-Processing Steps
  • Retouching Skills
  • Business & Marketing

A Team of Professionals to Guide Your Skills

This two-day workshop provides you with access to a professional team of models, hair stylists, and makeup artists. You’ll learn how to work with each type of team member and understand how everyone comes together to create the perfect studio portrait.

Portfolio Creation and Presentation

The workshop carves out time for all participants to use professional gear and lighting equipment and put on their own photoshoot. You’ll be able to use these images in your portfolio to present to future clients!

Accessible to All Levels of Photographers

Whether you’re just starting out or if you’ve already got a good amount of experience, this workshop offers you firsthand knowledge. Beginner and intermediate photographers who are interested in beauty, portrait and fashion photography will get a great deal out of this workshop!

Building on Your Talent

Becoming a successful beauty portrait photographer isn’t about having the fanciest equipment or having gone to the most expensive school. It’s about honing your creative eye and applying the best techniques to produce a quality product. This two-day intensive workshop will get you there!

Misc Items

Breakfast, Lunch, Snacks and beverages provided. Beauty Tones Collection Lightroom/Photoshop custom presets valued at $138 which includes 50 presets